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“Toronto Women Film Festival Winner”

“Los Angeles Film Awards

New York Film Awards Winner”

“DNA Paris Awards Winner”

“MUSE Creative Awards Winner”

“Iconic Awards Winner”

“Winner of Artists International’s Young Artists Award”   

“Impressive musicianship, fantastic technical skills and very focused concentration.”Günther Herbig (Conductor)

 “Great enthusiasm, virtuosity … an extraordinary performance.”  La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno (Italy)

“Conquered by elegance, each strike relentlessly touches deep within the heart.”  Calvin Chu ( Poet)

Chia-Hui Lu is a passionate artist and an active participant in Taiwan’s art world.  She is a pioneer in Taiwan’s cross art scene, a composer, a music director, and a renowned concert pianist.  As a Director of the Egret Foundation, Ms. Lu continues on the organization’s 27 year tradition in promoting music and culture in Taiwan. Ms. Lu curated the Sacred Garden as a partner of the international Ars Electronica Festival 2021. Ms. Lu published her piano album “Enchanted” in 2013 and “Amore” in 2016.  In cross arts, She was the Executive Music Director for “Sayion I” and “Sayion II” , where she composed music that was used in the Interactive New Media Theater. In these two productions, she worked with 720-degree VR positioning and 3D real-time motion-capture systems.  In 2016, she was also the Executive Music Director for the Interactive Children’s Theater’s “Milly and the Butterfly Fish’s Fantasy Journey”. In 2017, She performed a piano recital, “Water on Fire”, combining western classical music with eastern poetry from a Taiwan poet, Goya Lan.  In 2019, She curated “Impression of Taiwan” for Art Taipei.  It featured ceramic artworks, creative and cultural products, publications, New Media Interactive Theater presentations and music/visual performances. She also produced and debuted XR “Obsession” at Art Taipei, which combines live performance with music and dance in an extended reality 4DViews volumetric capture new media experience. As the producer and art director for “Amore”, a classical repertoire, She used Paul Chiang’s paintings, transforming it into an animated 3D visual that was synched precisely to my music. She was later invited to perform an upgraded multimedia version of “Butterfly Orchid” at the opening ceremony of Art Taipei 2020. 

Regarding awards and mentions, in 2021, “XR Obsession” won a DNA Paris Design award and a Muse Design Awards Gold in Interaction. “Impression of Taiwan” received an honorary mention at the DNA Paris Design, won a German Innovative Architecture Iconic Award in the Communication category and a Muse Creative Awards Silver in Exhibition & Events. “Amore” received the Muse Creative Awards Silver in Concept Design. “Butterfly Orchid” won four awards: (1) Honorable Mention for Sound Design at the Los Angeles Film Awards, (2) Best Female Composer at the Toronto Women Film Festival, (3) Best Animation award, Best Music Video Award, and Best Song Award at the New York Film Awards, and (4) Media & Music Silver Award from the Muse Design Awards.

Ms. Lu is a Professor at the National Taiwan University of Arts and at the High School of National Taiwan Normal University.  Earlier in her career, Ms. Lu was a music talk show host at Kiss Radio and at Dan-Shui Radio Station.  She also authored a commemorative biography of Chan-Kuo Dang, a famous educator and violinist in Taiwan and co-authored “The Mysterious Music that Touches the Heart”.  As a writer for MUZIK, she interviewed international musicians Gary Graffman, Menahen Pressler, and Jerome Rose and had critiqued Yuja Wang, Yundi Li, Kit Armstrong, Gary Graffman, and Jerome Rose Taiwan performances. 

As a pianist, Ms. Lu is known for her inspirational and deeply emotional performances.  Ms. Lu began her piano studies at the age of five with her mom, Professor Yu-Chiou Tchen.  At the age of nine, Ms. Lu won her first piano competition, taking first prize at the Taipei City Piano Competition.  Ms. Lu is an alumna of the Manhattan School of Music (MSM) where she received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree under the instructions of Dr. Solomon Mikowsky.  Ms. Lu had also studied with world renowned musicians Oxana Yablonskaya in New York City, Michele Campanella at the Sienna Music Festival, Marcella Crudelli at the Vasto Summer Festival in Italy, Rita Sloan at the Aspen Music Festival, Ramzi Yassa at the French Summer Course, and Lev Natochenny and Sergio Particaroli at the Merano Festival.

Ms. Lu had performed concertos with the National Symphony Orchestra, Taipei Symphony Orchestra, the Taipei Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, the Taipei Century Symphony Orchestra, the Hunan Symphony Orchestra, and the Philharmonia Moment Musical.  In April 2001, Ms. Lu debuted at Carnegie Hall’s Weill Recital Hall, as a winner and recipient of Artists International’s Young Artists Award.  Ms. Lu followed up her United States performances in May 2003 with a recital at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall receiving the Outstanding Alumni Award from Artists International.  Ms. Lu also premiered Chien-Tai Chen’s “Far Horizon Piano Concerto”, Gordon Shi-Wen Chin’s “Piano Concerto No.1” and “Triple Concerto”, and Lan In Winnie Yang’s Piano Concerto.  Other performances include: the Eslite 25th Anniversary concert, the Kawai 30th Anniversary Outstanding Award Winners’ Concert, the International Taiwan Chopin Festival Concert, Encounter Chanson with Soprano Anne Rodier, special guest performance at Hai-Min Wei’s concert (Taiwan Peking Opera), and appearances at the National Music Festival in Rome.

「榮獲Toronto International Women Film Festival最佳作曲家獎」

「榮獲New York Film Awards最佳動畫獎最佳歌曲獎最佳音樂錄影獎及Los Angeles Film Awards聲音設計榮譽獎」

「榮獲DNA Paris設計比賽互動獎多彩獎榮譽獎」

「榮獲MUSE Creative Awards 互動設計獎、展覽活動設計獎、概念設計獎、媒體與音樂設計獎」

「榮獲德國標誌性創新建築獎傳達類Iconic Award」

「榮獲Artist International’s Annual Young Artists AwardOutstanding Alumni-Winners Award in Piano兩獎項」

深植人心的音樂才能,歎為觀止的爆發力,渾然忘我的專注力!」指揮家根特赫比希(Günther Herbig

義大利報La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno


鋼琴家盧佳慧,白鷺鷥文教基金會執行長。榮獲Artist International’s Annual Young Artists Award與Outstanding Alumni-Winners Award in Piano兩獎項,受邀於紐約卡內基廳Weil Recital Hall及林肯中心Alice Tully Hall舉行獨奏會,備受肯定。

先後隨母親陳郁秀及諸大明教授學習,國/高中畢業於師大附中音樂班,甄試保送台北藝術大學;赴紐約就讀Manhattan School of Music取得學/碩士,師事於Dr. Solomon Mikowsky和Prof. Oxana Yablonskaya;另與國際知名鋼琴家及比賽常任評審Michele Campanella、Sergio Particaroli分別於Sienna Festival 及International Piano Festival學習。

除了各類型音樂表演之外,曾於Kiss Radio和淡水河廣播電台主持音樂節目,並跨界表演、主持、寫作、出書、訪問國際鋼琴家、於報刊發表樂評、發表個人創作。積極參加國人新創之首演,諸如:與指揮家Günther Herbig和NSO首演金希文《第一號鋼琴協奏曲》,與國台交首演發表陳建台《淡水》鋼琴協奏曲,和NSO首演金希文三協奏曲及楊嵐茵鋼琴協奏曲,並於國家演奏廳演出作曲家賴德和《春水》鋼琴三重奏和馬水龍《白鷺鷥的願望》鋼琴五重奏,期能帶動並推廣台灣現代音樂。

曾合作的樂團包括:國家交響樂團、國立台灣交響樂團、台北市立交響樂團、樂興之時管弦樂團、湖南交響樂團、台北縣交響樂團、台北世紀交響樂團、台北愛樂青年管弦樂團、台灣藝術大學管弦樂團。國內外個人巡迴獨奏會皆深受好評。受Associazione Artistico Culturale Musicale之邀,於義大利的Barletta舉辦獨奏會。並於羅馬National Music Festival、新竹之春之傑出華人青年音樂會、師大附中30週年音樂班和55週年校慶音樂會、河合30週年歷屆傑出得獎人聯合音樂會、2010國際台灣蕭邦音樂節、誠品25週年音樂會等,受邀演出。

在跨界方面,與京劇首席名角魏海敏合作於「花月憶時夢」演唱會,與法國戲劇女高音Anne Rodier合作《邂逅法國香頌》,大受歡迎!將鋼琴演奏分別與繪畫、詩文及多媒體藝術結合。《夢鍵愛琴》二次創作畫家江賢二之作,從分解、排列、重組重製、無縫接軌,思緒千絲萬縷,百轉千迴,並融入金、木、水、火、土,將東方五行元素注入西方古典音樂,現場鋼琴獨奏搭配3D動畫,展現如音樂劇般的新表演藝術。《水織火》與詩人藍麗娟合作,揉合西方的古典音樂與東方的新詩,樂詩相乘,水火相容。跨界負責現代科技即時互動多媒體劇場《路》、《追》及如果兒童劇團《小米與鰈魚的奇幻旅程》之音樂設計。為2019年台北國際藝術博覽會《印象台灣》之策展人,並置入AR、VR、MR整合成最新的XR新媒體表演藝術作品《迷》,將元老畫家陳慧坤之畫作製成動畫背景,讓觀眾在LED大螢幕前體驗虛實穿插、共構整合之表演。

2020年受邀表演於台北國際藝術博覽會開幕,演奏跨界多媒體鋼琴藝術升級版作品《蝴蝶蘭》,結合多媒體科技藝術,揉合無形的音樂與有形的美術。2021年與歷史悠久之國際林茲奧地利電子藝術節合作,為白鷺鷥文教基金會策展《神聖花園》,於全球線上展演。榮獲Toronto 國際女性電影節最佳作曲家獎,New York Film Awards最佳動畫獎、最佳歌曲獎、最佳音樂錄影帶獎,Los Angeles Film Awards聲音設計榮譽,DNA Paris 設計比賽最佳互動獎、多彩獎、榮譽獎,美國MUSE Creative Awards 互動設計獎、展覽活動設計獎、概念設計獎、媒體與音樂設計獎,德國標誌性創新建築獎傳達類 Iconic Award!

任教於台灣藝術大學、師大附中,著作有「音樂不一樣-怦然心動」和「台灣音樂館資深音樂家叢書-鄧昌國 士子心音樂情」。發表個人新創並收錄於專輯 《舞.魅.琴》和《夢鍵愛琴》,由滾石發行。