Interactive New Media Theater SAYION II 即時互動多媒體劇場《追》

Interactive New Media Theater《Sayion II》

This is a fantasy based on the story of a young indigenous girl named Sayion that crosses time and space. Behind the political distortion of this tale exists imagination. Sayion II makes use of the latest interactive new media technologies, in addition to interpretation through contemporary body movement. Artistic director Yu-Chiou Tchen called on Hsin-Chien Huang, AKIBO (Kaohsiung World Games designer), Music Director and Composer Chia-Hui Lu, director and choreographer Jeff Hsieh (one of the directors of the Taipei Summer Universiade), Li-Chuan Lin, IF+ and Eslite Performance Hall to collaborate on this production.

It is comprised of three acts, Search, Obsession and Death, to describe the fleeing and searching of various generations. Lost in a maze and in pursuit amid a varicolored world, reality and fantasy shift and interweave to create a magical realm. With 720-degree VR positioning and 3D real-time motion capture system responding to suspension equipment, dancers break free from the spatial limitations and frame of the stage. Brilliant colors captivate the audience, creating a unique sensory experience!




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