Interactive Multimedia Children’s Theater MILLY AND THE BUTTERFLY FISH’S FANTASY JOURNEY 親子互動多媒體音樂劇場《小米與蝶魚的奇幻旅程》

Ever since I became an aunt, I’ve cherished and had learned from them a fun way to communicate and play with kids.  As the nature of youngsters is curiosity, I whimsically designed music for the children’s theater production.  With a focus on an Interactive theater experience, I introduce classical music to kids through fun.  ” Milly and the Butterfly Fish’s Fantasy Journey” is an adventure about love and family that will take you through a wonderful musical interactive extravaganza! It’s a creative parent-child music theater, made possible by our talented production team.  The show is filled with thrilling and exciting effects and surprises! 



China Times 中時電子報