Taiwan Music Showcase -SAYION Interactive Multi Media Drama feature @ Could Theatre Taiwan 2022 Dec. 7-9
2022 SLIFF Award Winning Film was featured at the 31th Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival (an Academy Award Qualifying Film Festival)

AMORE New Piano Performing Art《夢鍵愛琴》新鋼琴表演藝術

About New Piano Performing Art AMORE
關於 新鋼琴表演藝術《夢鍵愛琴》
A’design Award 表演藝術設計獎
MUSE Creative Award 概念設計獎
International Design Award 國際設計榮譽獎

BUTTERFLY ORCHID New Piano Performing Art @ Art Taipei《蝴蝶蘭》新鋼琴表演藝術 @ 台北國際藝術博覽會

About Butterfly Orchid 關於《蝴蝶蘭》
DNA Paris Design Award 多彩獎
MUSE Creative Award 媒體與音樂設計獎
International Design Award 國際設計榮譽獎
St. Louis Film Festival Official Selection
Berlin Short Film Festival Official Selection
The Fine Arts Film Festival Official Selection
Best Female Composer By Toronto International Women Film Festival
Best Song & Best Animation & Best Music Video by New York Film Awards