Album AMORE 專輯《夢鍵愛琴》

BUTTERFLY ORCHID Composed by Chia-Hui Lu 盧佳慧作曲《蝴蝶蘭》

Through music, composers have been able to connect with the seven human emotions and six desires.  Of all the emotions, I believe the most seductive and touching is “Love”.  The fate of a Love may be extremely fruitful or prove barren.  Love may sneak up on you and make you feel wonderful, passionate, but to what avail?  How true is happily ever after?  Some may well find happiness and some, only sadness.   As there are no set rules, Love cannot be learned nor controlled.  Everyone none the less must traverse his/her own complex path in anticipation.  Without Love, life may seem meaningless.  But with love, life may be hot or cold.  Like a roller coaster, Love may take you to the point of bliss or unbearableness. Love can be heaven and hell.  Like the power of water, it may lift all boats or it may capsize indiscriminately.    How does one find the perfect balance of rational, emotional, and passionate Love?  Love is truly one of life’s most difficult emotions.  And because of this complexity, literature, art, and music throughout the ages, have used Love as a muse; as Love is the most inspirational and charm of all time.

“Amore” by Pianist Chia-Hui Lu, comes as a sequel to her first album, “Enchanted”.  With “Amore”, Chia-Hui continues her fanciful romance with her 88 keys focusing on love and dreams.  Starting with Chopin four Ballades, it opens with unbounded imagination.  This is followed by a dreamy introspective piece by Listz, “Liebesträume” No.3, and then a tragic classic, “Romeo and Juliet”, by Tchaikovsky.  Chia-Hui finishes “Amore” with her new composition, “Butterfly Orchid”, a piece reflecting deep devotion to love.  Through her music in “Amore”, Chia-Hui has elegantly united the seven human emotions of Joy, Anger, Sorrow, Fear, Love, Hate, and Affection to create a dramatically diverse program.

Upon visiting the Botanical Garden at Tainan, Chia-Hui Lu was drawn to the Psychopsis Kalihi Orchid which happens to be a Taiwan modification of the South American variety. Nicknamed the “Devil Orchid”, it is quite enchanting in its resemblance of a butterfly and also a dancer. After my visit, that evening, I dreamt a vivid dream that was so touching that I felt compelled to write it down. In my dream, a beautiful butterfly specimen was captured and was about to be framed. But a scientist seeing the beauty of the butterfly sets her free. The butterfly in turn was so moved that she prayed to the god of the universe to allow her to become human so that she may thank the scientist. Her god granted her wish and she was transformed into a beautiful young lady. Having approached the scientist, she fell deeply in love him. But the scientist‘s heart belonged to someone else, so he did not return his love. The young lady, who is now in distraught, turned once again to her god. She noticed that the scientist that she loved was a botanist and that he was obsessed with his research and desire to develop the most special sample of orchids. So she prayed to her god once again asking to become the most unique and beautiful orchid in the world. Her god warned her that if she becomes an orchid, she will remain in an immobile state for the rest of life and that will be her last transformation. She consented and became the result of the botanist’s latest work; a one of a kind beautiful orchid that depicts a fairy like image with captivating wings. With his new work, the botanist’s unique orchid took first place in world competitions and the orchid became known as the “Queen of Orchids”. The botanist has achieved his dream and now obsesses daily with his new orchid. And the butterfly orchid has fulfilled her desires to be with the botanist. Chia-Hui Lu dedicated her composition, “Butterfly Orchid” to her mom, Yu-Chiou Tchen.








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