BEAUTY OF TAIWAN Produced by Chia-Hui Lu《生動台灣》盧佳慧製作

Although the land only encompasses 0.027% of the world. It comprises upwards of 3.8% of the total species in the world. It is abundantly adorned with over 200 mountains, with peaks over 3,000 meters high, as well as seas that drop to a depth of 4,000 meters. It consists of cold landscapes similar to the Arctic.and tropical coastal forests with equator-like weather. Over its limited time, this complex compressed space evolved. to become a unique ecological environment filled with exclusive natural resources. Like a multidimensional diamond that glistens and shines through, this is our Taiwan, a world class “Island of Diverse Ecological Life.”

Bounded to the North by the East Sea, to the West by the Pacific Ocean, to the South by the Bashi Channel and to the East by the Strait, Taiwan stands out from the bodies of water like a hidden emerald, rich and brilliant like a diamond. Once it was called Formosa by the Portuguese sailors (1542) meaning beautiful island.  Through the centuries, foreign colonialism has had its influence in nurturing the island, creating the characteristics of Taiwan today. Unlike other advanced countries that evolved over hundreds of years, Taiwan’s natural and cultural development can be described as transpiring over a compressed space and time.

Compressed space refers to the dramatic limited landscape of Taiwan, where vast differences in weather may be observed from the mountains, to the forests and to the sea. Between and around the flat lands and the high mountains, complex ecosystems are born to accommodate diverse biological species. Compressed time reflects Taiwan’s leap to a modern civilization in just over a 100 years. Taiwan’s transformation from an agricultural society at the end of the 19th century to the world’s most advanced high tech producer by the end of the 20th century is an amazing feat. 

Through Eastern, Western, and Austronesian multi-cultural experiences and hardship, and through the constant endurance of the county’s harsh elements of extreme heat, typhoons, earthquakes and landslides, Taiwan’s tenacity, flexibility, courageousness, grit, and spirited enthusiasm are formed.


台灣因非聯合國成員而被排除於國際社區外, 文建會(現文化部)於2002年邀集國內外專家選出12處包含文化與自然的「台灣世界遺產潛力點」,希望藉由「生動台灣」之首映及「神聖花園」展演,讓世界看見「台灣之美」!