Interactive New Media Theater SAYION I 即時互動多媒體劇場《路》

SAYION a Taiwanese aboriginal young lady. Her sudden death made her a legend overnight. Her accident was played up by the Japanese government, which occupied Taiwan at that time, as a patriotic sacrifice. Songs have been written and movies have been made about this story. The late president of Taishin Holdings, Keh-Hsiao Lin, was obsessed with this tale. He investigated it in detail, recording his experiences in a moving book. The Interactive New Media theatrical production SAYION I will retell her story. It will lead you on a wonderful journey and perhaps in so doing, one may better comprehend his/her own path.   As the Music Director, my selections include western classical music and eastern modern music.  Combining traditional and contemporary works, this cross-art experience will empower the latest technologies to bring a vivid unprecedented sensory impact.

We are using a high tech motion capture system that is similar to the one used in the film “Avatar”. In our SAYION I, we use this technology to capture our dancer and actors’  movements in real time to display graphical imagery and multimedia art into the background of the stage.  The real-time process felt like a roller coaster!  A gleeful dynamic and exciting ride! And I quote from the show : “Romance road is naturally rough. Was it love or destiny that bind us so? Even we know the outcome in advance. You can’t possibly escape I can’t possibly neither. How can we see it through?Oh Sayion…

「天然的羅曼史坎坎坷坷,到底是愛還是心慌? 就算早知道又如何,你做不到,我也做不到。虛空的虛空,偏偏就是看不空。啊!沙韻~」1938年秋,宜蘭南澳17歲的泰雅族少女莎韻,為了送被徵召出征的日籍老師下山,在暴風雨中趕路,過橋時落水失蹤……少女之死,成為很多人的懸念。莎韻之意外事件,被日治政府渲染成愛國犧牲,傳奇讓她一夜間成為英雄,人們為她寫歌,透過想像又被揮筆成畫,進而拍成電影流傳。已故的台新金控總經理林克孝曾為此著迷、探索、出書,深深感動我們。大半世紀後被翻寫成書,現在搬上舞台重新活現。如此謎樣般的劇碼,將帶引你進入一段神祕的追尋之旅!以「莎韻」之名啟程,找「路」,原為找「自己」!


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