IMPRESSION of TAIWAN @Art Taipei Exhibition

Impression of Taiwan

Egret Foundation is devoted to Promoting & Branding Taiwan!

The charity exhibition @ 26th ART TAIPEI is the result of collaborations by the Egret Cultural and Educational Foundation and numerous artists. It features ceramic artworks, creative and cultural products, publications, new media interactive theater presentations and music and visual performances. Those at the top of their respective fields brought their knowledge and creativity, collectively innovating based on Taiwan’s land, nature and history. The results are absolutely creative! Absolutely Taiwan !

The Main Attractions:

  • XR OBSESSION New Media Performing Art
  • Bringing Taiwan Art and Colors to Life
  • Artwork on Plates by 30 Taiwan Artists
  • Interactive New Media Performing Art :  INHERITANCE, SAYION, AMORE
  • ART IS FUN!  Group Masterpiece Coloring!  Help recreate paintings of “The Peak of Jade Mountain”, by the late artist Houei-Kuen Chen.
  • ART IS INTERESTING! Augmented Reality props(1-Miniature dancer dancing inside the piano. 2- Life size dancer dancing.)

Thirty-Seven Artists on Exhibit:

  • Houei-Kuen Chen
  • Shan-Hsi Cheng
  • Ching-Jung Chen
  • Shiou-Ping Liao
  • Li-Fa Shaih
  • Xsin-Yue Lin
  • Jai Yuan
  • Yang-Tze Tong
  • Paul Chiang
  • A-Sun Wu
  • Chung-Yi Hong
  • Kuang-Nan Huang
  • Yao-Tang Lin
  • Yu-Chiou Tchen
  • Erh-Ping Tsai
  • Hung-Tu Ko
  • Hai-Ming Huang
  • The-I Chu
  • Tsai-Chin Ni
  • Pao-Shia Hsueh
  • Anderson Yang
  • Yi-Hung Kao
  • Shih-Hou Chen
  • Bor-Jou Kuo
  • Po-Chun Liu

Curator: Chia-Hui Lu

Chia-Hui Lu is a passionate artist and an active participant in Taiwan’s art world. She is a pioneer in Taiwan’s cross art scene, a composer, a music director, and a renowned concert pianist. As a Director of the Egret Foundation, Ms. Lu continues on the organization’s 25 year tradition in promoting music and culture in Taiwan. Ms. Lu published per piano albums “Enchanted” in 2013 and “Amore” in 2016. In cross arts, She was the Executive Music Director for “Sayion I ”&“Sayion II” (2015 and 2018 respectively) where she composed music that was used in the Interactive New Media Theater. In these two productions, she worked with 720-degree VR positioning and 3D real-time motion-capture systems. In 2016, she was also the Executive Music Director for the Interactive Children’s Theater’s “Milly and the Butterfly Fish’s Fantasy Journey”. In 2017, She performed a piano recital, “Water on Fire”, combining western classical music with eastern poetry from a Taiwan poet, Goya Lan. In 2019, She curated “Impression of Taiwan” for Art Taipei. It featured ceramic artworks, creative and cultural products, publications, New Media Interactive Theater presentations and music/visual performances. She also produced and debuted XR “Obsession” at Art Taipei, which combines live performance with music and dance in an extended reality 4DViews volumetric capture new media experience. As the producer and art director for “Amore”, a classical repertoire, She used 60 of Paul Chiang paintings, transforming it into an animated 3D visual that was synched precisely to her music. She was invited to perform a multimedia version of “Butterfly Orchid” at the opening ceremony of Art Taipei 2020. In 2021, she won three DNA Paris Design awards for three projects: “Impression of Taiwan”, “XR Obsession” and “Butterfly Orchid”. Also in 2021, Chia-Hui won the following awards and recognitions for “Butterfly Orchid”: (1) Honorable Mention for Sound Design at the Los Angeles Film Awards, (2) Best Female Composer at the Toronto Women Film Festival, (3) Best Animation award, Best Music Video award, and Best Song award at the New York Film Awards.    

Ms. Lu is a Professor at the National Taiwan University of Arts and also teaches at her alma mater, the High School of National Taiwan Normal University. She is an accomplished book author and a magazine music critic. Ms. Lu is an alumna of the Manhattan School of Music and has studied with world renowned maestros throughout the world. Ms. Lu is known for her inspirational and deeply emotional performances. She is also a first prize winner of Taipei City Piano Competition and winner of Artists International’s Young Artists Award in New York City. Notable concerts that Ms. Lu performed at include: Carnegie Hall’s Weill Recital Hall, Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall, and Taiwan National Concert Hall, among others.

About Impression of Taiwan by Curator

Art is the centerpiece of our exhibit.  Art purifies your body, mind, and soul. Art also inspires, triggering the inner voice of creativity.

Performing Art to me is like a faith or a religion. But Performing Art is momentary in action. Each live performance is never the same and that is the beauty of it. Through post-production work, our cross art performances are edited, documented, and preserved via fine art archived films. 

The exhibit’s main attraction is the four cross-art productions that we replayed on a time-loop. The XR Obsession preparation was arduous and blends a live piano performance of a new composition, in conjunction with recorded volumetric works of both the pianist and the dancer in the animated landscape images of a renowned Taiwan painter. The Go Live XR cross-art performance takes the creativity to a whole new level, enabling the exhibit visitors to traverse an augmented reality realm with the live pianist. XR Obsession is the first of its’ kind to be performed at Art Taipei, and have received many praises from the general public, exhibition coordinators, and the Cultural Minister of Taiwan among other honorable guests at the debut.

XR OBSESSION, an experimental project selected and awarded by the Taiwan Cultural Ministry. At the premiere, the live piano performance and audience are synched in real-time to the pre-recorded volumetric animated film and the fused content is projected on a LED wall for all to enjoy an XR (Extended Reality) experience.

AMORE, an avant-garde production meticulously combined and synchronized piano dramatic repertoires with abstract art animation. Diverse styles are revealed to present a dramatic music-based performing art.

SAYION II used the latest interactive technologies to capture body movement. With 720-degree VR positioning and 3D real-time motion capture system. With the use of suspension equipment, dancers break free from the spatial limitations and frame of the stage. Brilliant colors captivate the audience, creating a unique sensory experience!

INHERITANCE was produced at the former Air-Force Command Headquarters and combines storytelling, dance, 3D images, and real-time motion capture. The perspective and physical bodies of modern people are used to recall a time 40 years ago when Taiwan was under martial law. Pondering the period of oppression, leads to an alternative form of technological sculpture.

Through creations, artists can leave a cultural legacy to inspire future generations.  

The Egret Foundation has commissioned creative works, research publications, productions, documentaries, and in-depth cultural tourism itineraries. It has also participated in the search for Taiwan’s colors and the development of arts-inspired and creative and cultural products. It has also commissioned musical compositions. With Taiwan’s DNA as its base, the foundation integrates the arts, performance and technology to pursue diversity in creative works and continue toward the goal of refining Taiwan into a brilliant diamond!

Through our research, publications, dictionaries, products, productions and documentaries. The foundation will pass on the Inheritance and innovation to the next generations. And through our post production work, our cross art performances are well preserved, edited and documented into fine art films. The films become the archives of our cultural progressive heritage.

The Egret foundation is devoted to promoting and branding Taiwan. This is a major reason why Chia-Hui Lu, the director of the foundation, was invited by Art Taipei to curate the Impression of Taiwan exhibit for Art Taipei 2019.

With the goal to inject a new atmosphere to the concert, theater, and interactive performances, we used the latest technology and set out to find the perfect balance of visual art experiences to complement the music, dance and performance. Together with expert from different fields, our cross-art productions tell stories through innovative vivid imagery.

Creating innovative art is a challenge. Pairing and synching and debuting cross-art productions only adds enormous complexity. I am a firm believer in innovative works and believe in pushing the envelope of artistry to elevate the overall level of performing art. With Impression of Taiwan, I hope to inspire future generations to do the same and to hopefully have a positive impact on society through the advancements of new art forms. 

XR New Media Performing Art 《Obsession》

A young Taiwanese Austronesian girl, named Sayion, drowns in a rushing river. This event is played up by the Japanese government’s propaganda as a patriotic sacrifice promoting the Japanese occupancy of Taiwan. The story of Sayion is the seed and DNA for Obsession. Chia-Hui Lu wrote the script and composed music for the piano that was accompanied by timely sounds of nature. XR Obsession (Extended Reality) integrates a live element with augmented, virtual, and mixed realities to mesmerize the audience (AR+VR+MR=XR). It is a performing, conceptual, kinetic, digital, video, abstract, and performance art. It vividly traverses Taiwan history, art, and natural beauty through time and space. Dynamic volumetric capture fuses with 3D animation. A live performance blends with AR/VR realms and is projected on a large LED wall for all to enjoy a new exciting immersive XR experience. 

“Multimedia technology art” x “Abstract music” x “Outstanding choreography ” x “Changing visual effects” = 100% stimulation of the senses!

Bringing Taiwan Art and Colors to Life

From Taiwan’s natural and cultural beauty we searched for its colors. Taiwan Red represents Taiwan’s culture. Taiwan Green is associated with its mountains and waters. Taiwan Gold describes the reverence of Taiwan’s peoples for their deities. Culture accumulates over time and colors blend in with life, bearing the beautiful collective memories of the people living in Taiwan. It is hoped that these three colors, Taiwan Red, Taiwan Green and Taiwan Gold, can serve as important identifiers of Taiwan’s diversity internationally and can be incorporated into creative and cultural products that infuses daily life with art.

Selected Ceramic Art Works in Memory of Houei-Kuen Chen

Shiou-Ping Liao《A Prayer for Blessings》

To commemorate the unique artistic style of Houei-Kuen Chen, we invited 120 art and cultural masters from Taiwan and abroad to decorate ceramic plates. In July 2011, these artists presented their works created with calligraphy and painting techniques under five main themes: “The Art of Calligraphy”, “Natural Terrains”, “Flowers, Birds, Wind, Moon”, “World Landscapes”, and “Aesthetic Vistas”.  No matter in books, paintings, mountains, waters, flowers, or people, the memories of this master artist and teacher live on.

Selected Works from Faces of Orchid – Colorful Taiwan Ceramic Art Exhibition

Yi Hung《 Orchid Encounter》

Taiwan is a global leader in the cultivation of butterfly orchids. About 80% of butterfly orchids in the world are from Taiwan, earning this island the nickname, “Orchid Kingdom”. In 2016, the Faces of Orchid – Colorful Taiwan Ceramic Art Exhibition was held, during which 60 masters created 112 works under the themes of Natural Orchids, Poetic Orchids and Cultural Orchids to highlight the beauty and colors of these flowers.

Interactive New Media Performing Art《Inheritance》

The Egret Foundation’s cooperation with new media artist Hsin-Chien Huang (winner of the Best Virtual Reality Experience award at the 74th Venice Film Festival), and new generation dancers created a new production that was filmed at the former Taiwan Air Force Command Headquarters. This production combines storytelling, dance, 3D printed sculptures, real-time motion capture, 3D projection, real-time 3D interactive images and the use of the historical site. The perspective and physical bodies of modern people are used to recall a time 40 years ago when Taiwan was under martial law. Pondering the historical time of oppression, leads to an alternative form of technological sculpture. 

Multimedia Performing Art 《Amore》

Artistic Director and Producer Chia-Hui Lu’s multimedia piano performance. Amore, an avant-garde production, combines performing, conceptual, kinetic, digital, video, and abstract art. Paul Chiang’s paintings are 3D animated and catalyzed to life. The transformed moving art intertwine and interact in a marriage with its soul mate, music. Though the focus is love. It also unites all seven human emotions (Joy, Anger, Sorrow, Fear, Love, Hate, Affection) along with the five eastern elements (Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth) to create a dramatically diverse western classical music performing art. All in, to achieve a mutual interdependence Yin-Yang balance. 

Interactive New Media Performing Art《Sayion II》

Interactive New Media Performing Art《Sayion II》

This is a fantasy based on the story of a young indigenous girl named Sayion that crosses time and space. Behind the political distortion of this tale exists imagination. Sayion II makes use of the latest interactive new media technologies that capture the interpretative body movement of the contemporary dancer. Artistic director Yu-Chiou Tchen called on Hsin-Chien Huang (Digital Media), Chia-Hui Lu (Executive Music Director), Jeff Hsieh (Director), Li-Chuan Lin (IF+) and Eslite Performance Hall to collaborate on this production. Sayion II consists of three acts to describe the complexities of various generations: Search, Obsession, and Death. Lost in a maze and in pursuit amid a varicolored world, reality and fantasy shift and interweave to create a magical realm. With 720-degree VR positioning and a 3D real-time motion capture system responding to suspension equipment, dancers break free from the spatial limitations and frame of the stage. Brilliant colors captivate the audience, creating a unique sensory experience!


Be a part of the group masterpiece! Help recreate a mural of “The Peak of Jade Mountain”, by the late artist Houei-Kuen Chen.

Houei-Kuen Chen (1907-2011)《The Peak of Jade Mountain》 1972   Glue-Pigment on Paper

Insist on walking your own path. Search for the correct definition of beauty. Dedicate yourself to fine arts education and your creations will be pleasurable and carefree. You will have no idea that you are growing old! – Houei-Kuen Chen

Houei-Kuen Chen was born in Taichung City during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan (1895-1945). He was a respected painter and taught Fine Arts at National Taiwan Normal University. He suffered much loss including his parents at a young age and his wife and child at middle age. With a passion for painting, he devoted himself to art and education. After earning the highest marks for sketching, he was admitted to the Tokyo Fine Arts School (today the Tokyo University of the Arts). Chen had a unique eye for the composition of light, color and space. Combining Chinese and Western painting techniques, he produced unique Nihonga(Glue-Pigment on Paper), ink, and oil paintings until well into his nineties. Branded as a national treasure, he was a recipient of the Order of the Brilliant Star (second rank), the National Award for Arts, and the National Cultural Award.

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